Residential Services

Patcol has extensive experience and resources to be able to assist with any home construction enquiries that you may have.

Our design approach ensures that there are minimum of three sets of eyes going over our drawings throughout the design process. From initial work with our project engineers, through to our draftsman and RPEQ engineers you can ensure that your design has been thoroughly reviewed and is documented to the highest standard with a robust and economical design.

Whether the extent of your renovation the cost for engineering is minimal compared to the cost of the construction phase. Ensuring that the design is completed and presented in the most effective and efficient manner allows your builder and contractors to save time and cost on materials. We have testimonials and repeat work from respected builders throughout the industry.

New Homes

We specialise in custom new builds where quality and attention to detail is utmost importance for our customers. While all engineering firms should be designing to the latest standards we pride ourselves on our ability to put forward a quality set of plans for your new build. 

Whether your new build is a slab on ground, waffle pod to a several storey suspended concrete house on a steep land overlay site we are able to ensure that the builder has the most comprehensive set of drawings that lead to a robust structurally sound build that is not going to cost you thousands on variations or poor design issues that lead to issues down the track.


Renovations are were our committed team shine and work closely with builders to ensure that existing structures are scoped pre-works to ensure that the structure is designed to suit the end goal and not leave a variation or missing elements. We have the team that will be able to assist with a new roof beam, restump, raises, extensions and renovations.

Retaining Walls

Where required by local council regulations we are able to assist with all types of retaining wall designs with a focus on safety and longevity. 

From earthen gravity retaining walls, gabion, concrete sleepers to reinforced masonry our design approach will ensure a comprehensive design suited to your site. Where other engineers use standard designs we approach each project individually and look at the site specific requirements.

Steel Framing

We have been working closely with a number of builders in the area to ensure that the new technology of steel framing is being designed adequately and robustly for your new build.

Concrete Pools

Throughout the design process, collaboration with architects, landscape designers and pool contractors is essential to ensure that the final product aligns with the client’s vision while meeting structural and safety requirements. Hiring experienced engineers who specialise in pool design can help ensure a successful and well-executed concrete pool project.