Mining Services

With origins in mining, we still have a strong roots throughout the QLD mining industry.

We are vendors to some of the world’s largest mining companies meaning we work across a variety of sites and ore bodies. We are also engaged by contractors for design and construct projects.

Mining Facilities Layouts & Designs

Whether planning a new mine or making additions to existing facilities, Patcol has the staff and competency to ensure that your works are thoroughly planned and designed to ensure economical feasibility.

Concrete Structures Design & Remediation

Concrete structures design and remediation are critical aspects of engineering design that aim to create and maintain safe, durable, and functional infrastructure. Proper design ensures that structures meet safety and performance standards from the outset, while remediation addresses deficiencies in existing structures, extending their service life and preserving their functionality.

Building Tie-down Design

A key issue on mine sites with temporary buildings, crib huts to admin buildings is the lack of adequate tie-down provided. We have the site experience and practical ability to design and document building tie-down for all site requirements.

Structural Audits

Our engineers are specialised in the undertaking of structural audits on buildings and mining structures throughout Australia. With expertise to understand the requirements of your operations, we are able to ensure that critical items are highlighted and each element is investigated to provide a detailed report for scheduled maintenance.

If your site or company has existing structures that require additions or haven’t been designed to Australian Standards we are able to provide site inspections to scope the work and document the existing and upgrades required. We have staff that work with clients and contractors to ensure that the works are completed in an economical and safe manner.  

Road Audits

We now have the additional expertise and capacity to provide aerial imagery and geospatial information to the construction industry.

With a hands-on approach to ensure that your existing Access and haul roads are maintained and designed to relevant mine specific, Australian Standards, Austroads or the required Standard 19. Detailed site investigation and reporting allow our clients to achieve accurate cost estimates for scheduled works and highlight key works required to ensure safety is maintained.

Earthworks Design

We have completed numerous design and documentation of projects that at are specific to mining and the progression of mining activities. We have a working knowledge of the operations which ensures we always assess the most economical solution.

Completed projects include Earthen Embankment Dam Design, Mine Water Discharge Structures, Bulk & Detail Earthworks, Road Design (Haul & Light vehicle), and Fill Point design to name a few.